Three Reasons You Should Hire a Mobile Notary Public for Your Business Dealings

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Notary publics are professionals appointed by the state to prevent fraudulent dealings among individuals and businesses. However, notary publics fall under two categories, stationary notaries and mobile notaries. Stationary notaries usually provide their services from a designated location, usually their offices or homes. On the other hand, mobile notaries are not limited to one location. Hence, they are free to travel to their client's locations and provide notary services.

Though both types of notary publics can provide notary services, it is advisable to hire a mobile notary public because they provide you with more flexibility in terms of location and timing. With that said, here are three benefits of hiring a mobile notary public.


Suppose you need to get your document notarized, but unfortunately, the nearest public notary is a few hours down the road. Furthermore, the notary just so happens to be a stationary public notary. In such a situation, you may not be able to get your documents notarized without having to travel out of town to the stationary public notary. Additionally, suppose you are bedridden at home or in a hospital, and you need notary services. A stationary public notary will not come to you because they strictly only operate from their designated office.

However, in both of the scenarios described above, you can get a mobile public notary to come to you. Because they are not limited to one location, you can even call a mobile notary public from a different location to come and notarize your documents on short notice. Thus, mobile notary publics are more accessible than stationary notary publics.

Time Flexibility

As the saying goes, money doesn't rest. Thus, you never know at what time of day or night you may need to close a deal. Suppose you are closing a deal late at night after lengthy negotiations. If you want the contract notarized, you may not be able to find a stationary notary who is open at such an odd hour of the night. Remember, stationary notaries work from an office, and as a result, they usually keep regular office hours. Hence, by five or six o'clock, most offices are usually closed for business.

However, because mobile notary publics do work from an office, they do not usually keep regular office hours. Thus, it is pretty easy to find a mobile notary public willing to come and notarize a contract in the middle of the night.

Out of Town Business Dealings

Sometimes you may travel to a different state/town to conduct business meetings. Suppose the opportunity to close a deal has an expiry period. You may not have enough time to arrange a meeting with a stationary notary public in that case. Remember, you need a notary public to verify the documents and identities of the people signing a contract. In most cases, the stationary notary public will ask you to schedule an appointment at a later time, considering the notary may be occupied at the moment.

However, if you have a mobile notary public on call, you can have them travel to your current location on short notice. Thus, with a mobile notary public, you don't have to miss out on a time-sensitive business opportunity.

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23 July 2021

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